Late Night Snacks

12th January, 2018 | Snacks | Mac and Cheese | Homemade | Cookies | Meatballs

The wedding breakfast was served fours hours ago, your guests have been drinking in the sun since lunchtime and have been dancing the night away all evening, this is a recipe for the late night munchies.

What's the perfect way to end a wedding reception? Surprise guests with a delicious treat served in a stylish way.

Satisfy their cravings and keep them dancing till dawn or sit and nosh on while the party is winding down with Greens range of delicious delights, we guarantee there won't be any left at the end of the night!

Below are just a very small selection of the directions which you could take this upcoming trend:

  • Creamy mac and cheese
  • Mini cheese burgers served with pickles
  • Lamb meatball skewers with spicy tomato sauce
  • Hot pea and mint soup cups served with crispy pancetta
  • Braised beef served in soft rolls
  • Homemade chewy cookies with milkshakes

Late-night wedding snacks are becoming a wedding necessity, get on board and let Greens Catering create yours.