No more boring wedding menus

26th January, 2018 | Wedding | Catering | Epic Taste | No Melon Boats | Original Ideas

Long gone are the days when starving wedding guests are greeted with a uninviting melon boat starter, whilst they wish away the time until the bread basket comes around so that they can dive in.

This was generally followed by a dry chicken breast main and a pre-made, pre-sliced dessert unlovingly delivered from a box and plonked on your plate to complete your meal.

In fact, Greens have found that the majority of their brides and grooms have ditched the structured three course, plated meal altogether and that wedding catering is now a much more rustic, family gathering type of affair with sharing menus being a particular favourite.

The sharing menu particularly is celebrated by Greens Catering and distinctly matches our rustic, relaxed approach to catering whist not compromising on the taste. After all, who wants a beautifully plated meal that wouldn't look out of place in the Tate Gallery but that tastes of nothing?

Taking this sharing platter menu to the next level and making it wedding worthy, Greens have introduced finishing touches such as edible flowers to our cake options, meats on sticks, mini kiln jars to serve homemade soups, prawn cocktails, desserts; the choices are endless. These can be Served in Rustic french crates, assorted large vintage crockery platters, small wooden boxes filled with muslin, glass jars and bottles tied with ribbons.

Street food options such as pulled pork tacos with homemade red cabbage coleslaw or for our veggie friends, spicy chickpea, potato and spinach with shredded lettuce. With the vibrancy of these foods begging your guests to try them as they are presented the to table, their taste buds are then treated to an explosion of creative flavours, spices and cultures.

For those more traditional diners amongst you, who are longing still for the chicken main. You and your guests can still be wowed with a variety of meat on the bone lemon and herb chicken portions, chargrilled lemon wedges, accompanied by beautiful salads, homemade breads and crisp coleslaws.

Let's make your wedding epic together!