Street Food

19th January, 2018 | Street Food | BBQ | Pizza | Tacos | Torillas

It's time to get spicy !!!

According to our resources Street Foods and hyper-regional food are set to make our taste buds explode over the next year.

Tacos, soft filled tortilla wraps, topped rices in boxes and food served on skewers. Street foods are amazing for punching big flavours into little packages, they work great with canapes too. Being dedicated followers of fashion, Greens Catering are certainly on board with this upcoming trend, already have a number of our Wedding Couples joining us to make this experience work with their day.

But why keep this to wedding catering, spice up your corporate event with a Street Food Station. With no set rules, virtually any of the usually chosen british classics can be zinged up and given the "Greens Street Food" treatment.

Particular favourites with our guests seem to be BBQ pulled pork with red cabbage slaw and spicy salsa served in crisp tacos and Sloppy Joe style pizza fillings served in pizza dough cones.

Even your dessert options can be added to the feast with skewered grilled pineapple lollipops served with a minted sugar.

Call Greens now to discuss your upcoming street food requirements and let our chefs create your perfect menu.