Wedding Catering

Tastefully presented to your guest’s tables on rustic wooden boards and crisp white crockery, Greens Hot Meats Menu is the perfect choice for a beautiful summer evening.

Freshly sliced rare sirloin of beef Bbq pulled pork Garlic and herb chicken Selection of locally sourced sausages including vegetarian Freshly baked ciabattas Sauces and accompaniments and homemade chutneys Green salad Homemade coleslaw Zesty Quinoa Salad

BBQ Menu

Homemade Lamb and Mint Burgers Homemade Piri-piri chicken skewers Mushroom burger (v) Pork and apple sausage Tomato and mozzarella with reduced balsamic glaze Zesty Quinoa salad homemade coleslaw Jersey new potato salad Homemade bread selection with butter

Dessert options (additional cost per head), choose any two: Build your own Eaton Mess Vanilla baked cheesecake Homemade chocolate brownies with fruit compote Lemon tart with Chantilly cream