Green’s Catering Services will provide a quote according to the clients specification. It may be necessary to revise or withdraw a quote or to consider any booking as cancelled by the client should the original specification provided to the Green’s Catering Services by the client be amended. In such cases any deposit or monies paid will not be refunded.

Final numbers must be received no later than 14 days prior to the event and the due balance invoice will be issued based on that figure, regardless of any subsequent cancellations. Additional guests will be charged for accordingly. All quotations are valid for 30 days and are subject to availability upon receipt of deposit.

Confirming your catering requirements

On confirming that you are wishing to proceed with a booking the deposit invoice will be issued to you for payment. We will provisionally hold the date for 14 days, and your booking will be confirmed upon receipt of the requested non-refundable deposit, and a signed copy of our Terms and Conditions. Delay in receipt of any payments may result in the Green’s Catering Services cancelling the booking. Green’s Catering Services will not accept any liability for such cancellation.

Green’s Catering Services reserves the right to alter, substitute or withdraw menus, food items, services, hire specifications, payment terms, discounts and offers at any time.

Payment Terms

Wedding catering bookings

Green’s Catering Services require a minimum non-refundable deposit of 50% of the original quotation cost to confirm your booking. The final balance payment should then be received no more than 14 days prior to the event. Payment is to be made by BACS transfer to the account details shown on the invoice, and any cheques should be made payable to Green’s Catering Services.

Corporate catering bookings

Corporate accounts are required to settle in full within 14 days of receipt of the invoice. Payment terms may be revised for established Clients. For new corporate clients, full pre-payment will be required on any first orders. Goods are to remain the property of Green’s Catering Services until paid for in full.

Should a client fail to pay any outstanding invoice within the specified payment terms of 14 days, we reserve the right to add a surcharge of 5% of the total booking amount, for every 7 days that payment is delayed.


Cancellations should be made over the telephone in the first instance but must also be confirmed in writing. All cancellations will result in the loss of deposit payment.

If the customer cancels or is deemed to have cancelled the booking (prior to the event) during the timeframes detailed below, then the following percentages of the remaining final balance from the quoted price will become immediately due for payment:

Within 3 mth. of the event start date: 50% of the outstanding balance
Within 2 mth. of the event start date: 75% of the outstanding balance
Within 1 mth. of the event start date: 90% of the outstanding balance
Within 7 days of the event start date: 100% of the outstanding balance


Green’s Catering Services have sufficient Public Liability Insurance for events of the nature of the booking. We follow strict guidelines for all food production, handling, storage and distribution and dealings with our clients and their guests. Our policy, based on these guidelines, restricts the service of food products to a maximum of four hours after being removed from refrigeration.

We advise that all food must be consumed after two hours of initial serving, any foods consumed after two or more hours of it first being served is at the client’s discretion, and therefore becomes their responsibility. Green’s Catering Services will have no responsibility for, or be associated with, food prepared by the company which is retained by clients for consumption after the event.

The company may be asked to serve consumable items provided by other suppliers or the clients. Green’s Catering Services will have no responsibility for, or be associated with, food prepared by other parties.

Green’s Catering Services provide a wide range of menus, some of which will contain allergens such as cereals containing gluten, peanuts, nuts, milk, soya, mustard, eggs, fish. The company will be able to advise on ingredients however accepts no responsibility for any costs or injuries caused by non-disclosure of allergies or special dietary needs.

It is the clients responsibility, unless agreed otherwise in writing, to provide adequate insurance cover for the event, property, marquee, hire equipment, guests, guest property and personnel. Accidental damage at the event should be covered by the Clients own insurance and no claim will be accepted by the Company Green’s Catering Services does not accept liability and shall not be liable to pay damages or issue refunds for loss, damage, substitutions, alterations or cancellation of any event or service arising as a result of:

  • Strikes, riots or lock outs affecting any trade with which the company is concerned
  • Adverse weather conditions
  • Fire, flood, theft, attempted theft, wilful damage, or any cause beyond its reasonable control
  • Abnormal traffic conditions, accident, puncture, road closure, breakdown, mechanical breakdown of vehicles or equipment
  • Closure, availability, access, restrictions, commercial matters, supply, or performance by or at the Venue, its agents or services
  • Terrorism, civil unrest or protest intervention or acts

Venues & Kitchens

Clients/Venue kitchen facilities will be inspected and if deemed to be unusable, unsafe, or unhygienic on the Booking/Event Date, Green’s Catering Services will accept no liability for cancellation, no monies will be refunded, and any payment balance will be due.

If providing the venue, the client must provide a secure service area and sufficient tabling, adequate power supply, suitable power cabling, adequate power points, adequate services, toilet facilities, sinks, heating, ventilation, fire escapes and suitable functioning equipment etc. for our use. The size of the area will be dependent on the number of people attending, equipment required, cuisine and style of service.

Clients are to arrange for disposal of all refuse and to provide an area where boxes, empty glass bottles & black sacks etc. may be placed to await removal. This MUST be within easy reach of the catering area. It will be the clients sole responsibility to provide adequate hard flooring, cover, power & lighting inside and outside the catering area if required by the particular event, weather, or early/late working.

It is the client’s responsibility to make sure that Green’s Catering Services has adequate access for our vehicles irrespective of weather conditions. In the case of adverse weather, we require sufficient access for our vehicles to park directly outside the catering area.

We will accept no responsibility for clients premises, furnishings, equipment, goods etc. unless by prior arrangement with the client. In any event, no claim will be considered if it is not evidenced to the company’s management during the event.


If property belonging to or hired by Green’s Catering Services is accidentally, wilfully or negligently damaged, missing or stolen, the client will be informed and the replacement cost will be invoiced separately, payable by the client immediately.

Staffing, Conduct and Safety

Staff will be hired according to the clients own requirements. If delays, beyond the direct responsibility of the company, require any staff to work additional hours then the client will be charged. Green’s Catering Services cannot guarantee that staff will be able to work outside of the quoted hours and the client should consider this when authorising labour hire and managing their event.

We have a zero tolerance policy on abusive, harassing or aggressive behaviour towards our staff and property and will only seek to operate within a safe and conducive working environment. Should any concern arise where this is not the case, this will be reported to the Clients on-site representative.


Green’s Catering Services retain the right to amend these Terms and Conditions.

Green’s Catering Services may record and use images or video of events for their own records and marketing.